Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, there will be a need to practice physical distancing.Given the immediate need and urgency, we are focusing our efforts on transforming COVID-19 response by connecting students enabling teleeducation and telehealthaccess through smart devices. Too many Indians who are vulnerable and in need of these very services, will not have access as they don’t own any devices.

Exchange of Idle, Spare or Unused Devices (Smart Phones, Tablets, T.V and Laptops), Sponsoring low cost devices, Sponsoring Recharge Coupons. Donate unused devices with video and call capability - smartphones, tablets, t.v and laptops that can be donated to people in need.

Our goal is to help our Students by distributing at least 1,00,00,000 devices. We want people to maintain physical distancing and use virtual tools to connect, receive education and social services, work and learn, but many do not have access to a device that can allow them to do that. We want Indians to Collect & Distribute 1CR DEVICES to 1 CR STUDENTS.

Every Indian, can support this cause. If you are an Organisation believing in our mission,please reach out!Help us with Spare Devices,Employees Volunteering for Collection, Repairs or Distribution of Devices

You can donate smartphones, tablets, laptops and TV. We accept any equipment that will help students in their education and staying connected. We accept both new and used devices. We do not however, accept broken, cracked or otherwise damaged devices. Spare Devices should have:

  • It turns on and functions normally
  • All the buttons work
  • The cameras work
  • The body is free of dents and scratches
  • The touch screen is undamaged
  • Search for spare devices and, if possible, their chargers at your home
  • Make sure the devices work and are free of damages
  • Submit a donation form
  • Have it picked up by a volunteer or drop it at our drop location.
  • Sign a declaration form while handing over your device to volunteer.
  • For new devices go to donate devices option there choose donate new devices or donate recharge coupon this will take you to our e-commerce page where you can buy the device or recharge coupon at nominal cost and donate.
  • Disable GPS tracking
  • Clear the device’s memory
  • Clean the device
  • Put the device in a bag with some sort of padding to protect it from breakage.
  • Donor fills the form
  • Reach nearest drop location i.e, school
  • School Guard will give 2 barcode slips
  • Donor will stick the original Barcode slip on the device
  • Will share the Picture of Duplicate barcode slip
  • Bar code of the donor will be saved with the form filled by the donor in the database
  • Same location request received student will reach the school for recieving
  • Volunteer will share with us the picture of barcode on the product
  • Data will be stored with matching barcode of donor